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About us

Hugo Tejero y Asociados, Chartered Accountants, is a consulting and auditing firm. We have an extensive clientele made up of prestigious local and multinational companies. Our philosophy is to appraise our clients' activities in a detailed manner in order to recommend the best solution for them, creating added value to their organizations. We provide highly qualified, specialized and personalized professional services to all our clients, small or huge companies.

They have at their disposal an expert professional team that will evaluate their needs giving quick, right answers. In order to fulfil this objective we get totally involved in our clients' business, advising their directors, senior managers and staff how to deal with issues of an assorted variety in the best way. We have rendered services to all kind of companies, but have a great specialization in the marketing communication business and related activities. In addition, we have the right expertise to counsel foreign companies with regard to their needs in our country.

Why Hugo Tejero y Asociados?

Because we know your business, your problems and how to deliver quick and specific solutions for every company.


The firm is headed by the following partners:


He is a Chartered Accountant who graduated from Buenos Aires National University. Hugo comes from a family whose members have worked in the advertising industry. He started advising advertising agencies in 1970. In 1977, he began to counsel the Argentine Association of Advertising Agencies. From that moment on he has made a significant contribution to clarify and unify tax criteria applicable to the activity, obtaining major improvements for advertising agencies and other companies in the marketing communication business. His important tax submissions to the Argentine Advertising Association and other advertising business organizations have been greatly appreciated and, as a result, have achieved huge benefits for said sector. Due to Hugo Tejero's knowledge and experience in the Marcom business he has become a very well respected management adviser to the marketing services companies.



He is a Chartered Accountant who graduated from Buenos Aires National University. Matías was also brought up in a family of people involved in the advertising business. Matías Tejero got specialized studies in Media and Production Companies Management in Palermo University and as well as M&A in IAE Business School. He started working for the advertising business in 1990 and has achieved an important expertise in management consultancy, Due Diligence and M&A operations in the communications industry. In 1992, he joined HUGO TEJERO Y ASOCIADOS. In 2005, he became a partner of the firm.


These are some of the companies that trust in Hugo Tejero y Asociados


Our Group

In order to satisfy all marketing services companies' needs we have established a Group of companies which are highly specialized in different professional areas.


We provide our clients an extensive and complete variety of professional services in economic science, corporate and related areas, which produce added value to their respective companies or organizations.

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